How to get famous with the Windows Azure platform

5 Dec

You’ve probably already heard about cloud computing, but you may wonder if this brings any benefits for you as an ISV?  I think there is a lot of potential and value in leveraging the cloud within your solutions.  Notice the nuance about leveraging the cloud?  For some applications, both code and data might live in the cloud, where somebody else manages and maintains the systems they use. Alternatively, applications that run inside an organization – on-premises applications – might store data in the cloud or rely on other cloud infrastructure services.


Your Business Your FameDeciding on the best approach, building the optimal implementation, and putting the solution in the market may not be straightforward. To help you with all this, we have implemented the “Your Business Your Fame” program.  In this program we guide you through the different steps of building a cloud-based solution: starting with free trainings to get to know the technology, followed by free expert assistance during the implementation phase, and finally by helping you sell your application through the Windows Azure Marketplace.

Of course it is important to create visibility for your application to attract customers and build a healthy business.  Therefore we are giving away an exclusive Microsoft official video reference case to the best cloud solution.


Maybe you are already up to speed on the technology and don’t need any more training but just have a few questions you can’t find an answer to.  Hey, maybe you already have an application running in the cloud and want to enter the contest to win that reference case!  This program allows you enter at your own terms, at any stage of the process.


To find out more about the program or to register for it, just send us an email or press the register button below.


Register Now


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  1. How to get famous with the Windows Azure platform - Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Belux Team Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs - December 5, 2011

    […] Find out more about the program and how to register here. […]

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