New kid on the Blog

6 Dec


Hi there!

My name is Hans Koch and as from last week I am the newest member of our ISV team. I will be wearing the hat of Partner Account Manager and will follow up on Hermien Heveraet. All good, but who is Hans Koch? I joined Microsoft 4 years ago as Partner Account Manager for a portfolio of Software Integrators that focus on the upper- and midmarket. This was quite a journey during which I got the chance to build strong relationships and obtain nice results with our SI partners. I loved doing what I did, but felt like it was time to broaden my Microsoft horizons.

I got the opportunity to join Luc’s team to continue the great work that had been done so far by Hermien Heveraet and grabbed it with both hands, allowing me to work with new partners and develop my experiences. Very much looking forward to this new challenge!

When I am not working, you will most probably find me close to the people I like, enjoying good foods and drinks somewhere in the Leuven region. During the summer period, I love traveling and explore new places. My favorite winter time scenery is a bit more conservative: a powdery white ski slope always does the trick!

All the best and see you soon.


2 Responses to “New kid on the Blog”

  1. Kathleen December 17, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    Congratulations Hans ! Glad to see that you have a new challenge within the Microsoft team.

    We really enjoyed working with you in your former position at Microsoft; keep up the good work !

    Kathleen (Uniway)

    • hanskristiaankoch December 27, 2011 at 4:15 pm #

      Thanks Kathleen!

      I loved working with the Uniway team too. We will definitly meet again!

      Marry Xbox and a Happy New Year


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