Relive ISV Café

7 Dec

Yesterday (7/12) the first edition of ISV successfully took place at the beautifull Espace Del Goutte.

The room was filled with enthousiastic ISV’s ready to get inspired by some top-notch speakers.
We had Joe Wilson, Sr. Director of the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft Western Europe, coming in and talking about the value of the ISV-Microsoft relationship and what the Microsoft future looks like for ISV’s. Next to that we had David Hernie talking about the Windows Phone 7 and why it is important to ISV’s. Your favourite partner account manager Christophe Van Mollekot followed explaining more on SQL Server 2012 licensing. Alex Van Breedam presented the succes story of his company Tri-Vizor, built completely on Azure. And last but not least, the director of the Microsoft Innovation Center, Ben Piquard gave a presentation on starting up a SaaS business.

If you were forced to miss this , don’t panic just yet. You can download the PowerPoint slides from our skydrive here.


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