ALM Summit 2011 recordings available on Channel9

4 Jan

Last November we hosted the annual ALM Summit at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, where luminaries from across the software industry presented, covering the evolution of practices across both the Microsoft and OSS communities. Attending the ALM Summit allows you to gain deeper insight into your application lifecycle. You also discover and learn about industry best practices that address additional development challenges, and how Microsoft’s ALM Solutions enable and support those best practices.

In addition to offering over 30 sessions on current technologies the ALM Summit gives a glimpse into the future of the next generation ALM Tools with 7 sessions delivered by the Visual Studio 11 product team members.

Some of the key speakers we’ve had at the event were:

Tim Lister Tim Lister – Author
Jason Zander Jason Zander – Corporate VP Microsoft
Scott Guthrie Scott Guthrie – Corporate VP Microsoft
Thomas Grant Thomas Grant – Senior Analyst Forrester Research

For those who have missed the ALM Summit 2011 or if you want to watch some of the sessions again, we have put the recordings of all keynote, plenary presentations and breakout sessions online on Microsoft Channel 9 Events.


Get started with Microsoft’s ALM Solutions today:


To learn about the next generation of ALM Tools:


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