Azure Spotlight: Agilys myShopi combines mobile and cloud

9 Jan

Agilys LogoAgilys is a Belgian startup company, based in Braine-l’Alleud, involved in mobile development, building mobile applications and Internet sites.  They are a member of the Microsoft BizSpark program, giving them have access to Microsoft software, support and a worldwide ecosystem of peers and partners.

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Are you always writing down the same shopping items again and again, only to find out afterwards that you didn’t bring that one important item. With the myShopi mobile application, Agilys has developed a consumer mobile application for Windows Phone 7, iPhone and Android that helps them manage their shopping list. You can even manage multiple shopping lists, for example to create a list per shop or for each family member.  Creating a new shopping list is simple and intuitive by selecting your items from a database of more than 1000 products, or by simply scanning the barcode of a product.  With the myShopi application, shopping has never been that easy!

myShopi screenshotWhen building and running a consumer mobile application, you may potentially reach thousands or even millions of users.  Sizing the server infrastructure for handling such an unpredictable number of users, potentially generating enormous spikes of user activity, is not an easy task.  Do you buy servers to handle 1000 users, with the risk of bringing the server down if you have 10-fold this number of users?  Or do you rather provision, and pay for (!), an infrastructure that can handle 1 million users but which might be idle most of the time?  In such scenarios, you need an infrastructure that can scale flexibly with user demand, adding resources or removing resources as your application load fluctuates.

The capability to scale flexibly with user demand is one of the reasons why Agilys has decided to deploy the application backend logic in the cloud on the Windows Azure Platform.  This provides them with flexible scaling but also with an infrastructure that is highly reliable to ensure that the application is available to their users at all times.

Another reason why Agilys has decided to move to the cloud is the fact that they want to focus on their core business, which is mobile development and not hosting a server infrastructure.  By hosting the application backend on the Windows Azure Platform, the provisioning and management of servers, network and storage capacity is being taken care of by the cloud computing platform.

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Do you want to be the next one to feature your cloud application here? You can get started with the Windows Azure platform in 2 easy steps:

1. Setup an Account:

Set up an account and obtain a free subscription for accessing the online portals for Windows Azure an SQL Azure. You can sign up and get the free trial from
Note: With the new spending limit functionality available you are assured that no charging is happening once your trial offer has expired.

2. Create your First application and Deploy it on the Windows Azure Platform:

Download the tools and learn how to create an application using .NET, JAVA, Node.js or PHP and deploy it on Windows Azure at

When all steps are executed successfully you should have your first application running on the Windows Azure Platform. Let us know about it and maybe you’ll be in the spotlights!

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    […] Windows Azure Spotlight: Agilys myShopi Combines Mobile and Cloud (posted Jan. 9) (thanks to @MSFTBelux_ISV for the tweet) […]

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