How can your business benefit from SQL Server 2012? Learn from the early adopters

10 Jan

We have already talked about the availability of the release candidate of SQL Server 2012.  There are a lot of great features in this new release of the product, which your business can benefit from.  That’s why we’re excited to announce the publication of the first SQL Server 2012 case studies. 

Read what these customers are saying about SQL Server 2012, what there business needs were, how they solved them and what benefits SQL Server 2012 has brought them.

  • “Banks that try to compete against us are simply going to be at a disadvantage if they don’t have the enterprise-ready data-warehousing and BI capabilities that SQL Server 2012 and Power View give us." Ron Van Zanten, VP of Data Quality, Great Western Bank

Click here for full case study details

  • “SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn gives us an integrated high-availability and disaster recovery solution that delivers around-the-clock data access and fast performance for less money” Fabio Catassi, CTO, Mediterranean Shipping Company

Click here for full case study details

  • “The SQL Server 2012 online indexing capabilities alone save us up to 20 minutes a year in downtime, or 38.5percent of allowable downtime. That might not sound like much, but it is huge for us and our customers.” David Smith, Director Software Architecture, ServiceU

Click here for full case study details

  • “With SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services, we will help our customers clearly see all lenders involves in a foreclosure. This will help our customers make better, more informed buying and selling decisions.” Richard Sawicky, Senior Director of Database Technology, RealtyTrac

Click here for full case study details

  • “Now, with SQL Server 2012, we can run any data export our customers want whenever they want it, so we’re better able to meet their needs and support new customers.” Michael Steineke, Vice President of IT, Edgenet

Click here for full case study details

  • “We need to be nimble, offer innovative services, and ensure customer satisfaction. With SQL Server 2012 …that’s what we can do: deliver better solutions up to 50 percent faster, for less money.” Josh Gaffen, Director of Operations, SharePoint360

Click here for full case study details

  • “SQL Server 2012 delivers a win-win solution. With the built-in ColumnStore Index feature, end users can generate reports in near real-time and engineering teams benefit from reduced costs and easier maintenance.” Shreekant Saraf, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft IT Group

Click here for full case study details


You can get started using the new features or validating the compatibility of your application with the upcoming SQL Server 2012 by taking the following easy steps:


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