Silver Shines

11 Jan

We all have our own new year’s resolutions; eat less, train more and visit the parents-in-law more often are some of the more popular choices. This year you should really add one to that list; become Silver Microsoft ISV Partner. Why should one do that? Well, it will be the only new-year’s resolution that provides you maximum benefits for a minimum input. By mid-March, most of us will be eating more, training less and let’s be honest; the parents-in-law resolution was never intended to be really executed. The benefits of the Silver ISV Partnership on the other hand, will still be available and will be at your company’s disposal for the rest of the year. Happy 2012!

So what are those benefits? (only for Silver or Gold Partners)

  • Unlimited Pre-sales Microsoft technical and licensing support
  • Best practices, provision of code samples, tech talks and workshops
  • 5-Pack Break fix-support. After Sales support
  • Save a pile of money on Microsoft licenses (you will just love this one). Check your license advantages here => click “silver ISV/software” & scroll down
  • Online trainings on our latest technologies

What should one do to get this candy?

  • Register your company in the Microsoft Partner Network
  • Test your software on compatibility with our Windows7, Windows Server or Windows Azure Platform (downloadable free test)
  • Provide 3 “customer references”/find 3 customers willing to admit they use your software
  • Upgrade your company’s status to Silver ISV Partner

We created the ISV Cookbook which provides links and screenshots. Check the “How to become a Microsoft Silver ISV Partner?” on page 7 an reap the benefits!


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