Relive TechDays 2012 for ISV’s

20 Feb

Last week we found ourselves and 1500 enthusiasts 3 days in the Imagibraine Kinepolis complex of Braine l’Alleud. Don’t let the venue mislead you; we were not there to see a dubbed movie, but to get first-hand technical insights on Microsoft’s newest technologies!

This 10th edition of TechDays Belgium could not have been chosen on a better moment as the number of new releases reaches a peak. Hence, tickets went out almost as fast as our free T-shirts during TechDays, which resulted in a sold-out event. This Lustrum was not only about Developers & IT Pro’s, Microsoft also added an Entrepreneur Track with sessions to help IT startups and sessions about business model generation. Those who did not get in or were at a parallel session can still relive the TechDays vibe at As from next week, all sessions will be available there.

A stroll through the event:

We hit it off the first day with an opening session of Scott Guthrie. Like a bull goes for a red Polo shirt, the TechDays attendees went for his intro and in no time we had to open an overflow room. Scott pointed out the most interesting Microsoft bets for the developer community and kick started 3 days of information grabbing. Hereunder you’ll find an overview on what went on these days.

That’s right; The Cloud will back you App! Focus on what creates value to your business and don’t lose time and money re-inventing the wheel. Scott Guthrie got the honors opening the conference for developers with a session on the Microsoft Cloud Platform: Windows Azure.

· Try Windows Azure 3 months for free

· Download the tools to build apps on Windows Azure

With the customer preview of Windows 8 in eyesight, expectations were sky-high. Developers’ and IT Professionals’ attendance went through the roof during the Demo’s and insights on Microsoft youngest OS. As Koen Pelgrims mentioned: “With Windows 8, Microsoft is first to offer a platform running cross-device on mobile and PC/Desktop. It will become easier for developers to create cross device apps.”

· Download the Windows 8 Developer Preview

· Read the Building Windows 8 blog

· It’s all about Windows 8 Metro Apps

If you were at TechDays 2012 and you own a phone that is no Windows Phone, chances are you have been smoked by Windows Phone (#smokedbywindowsphone). Only 2 people went home with a winner’s price. Apart from this given, TechDays offered a range of Windows Phone sessions to get your Apps mobile. Windows Phone rocks!

· Start with Windows Phone development

· Download free Windows Phone Dev Tools

· Register for free as Windows Phone developer

It was nice to see that much ISVs attending TechDays 2012. Those who did not attend; definitly keep an eye on for an overview of the sessions and try joining us next year.

Wrapping up: 2012 will be a year of many innovations of which a lot will demand a mind shift to some degree. We are ready to work together with you on this new way of computing. Never hesitate on reaching out to us if we can help you with that.

Do you still have comments, suggestions or are you craving for a platform to share your kudo’s about TechDays 2012:

have a go at Twitter and tag with #techdaysbe


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