Azure business and technical events.

28 Feb

We see many Belgian ISV’s (both traditional software houses and new web startups) interested in the Cloud to implement a Software as a Service application delivery model on the Windows Azure Platform.

To answer the questions they have we decided to organize an informational event at the Microsoft offices in Zaventem. These events are free and you’re hereby kindly invited to join. There are two tracks: a business oriented and a technical one


  • March 6th, 14-16h (Business, register here)
  • March 20th, 14-16h (Business, register here)
  • March 13th, 14-18h (Technical, register here)
  • March 27th, 14-18h (Technical, register here)

Business sessions: Why Software and Services makes so much sense for ISV’s.

Delivering your application in a SAAS model brings you many advantages. In this business focused session we let you discover what those reasons are … Software as a Service allows you to deploy and sell your application with less investment on infrastructure, you’re more agile to handle growing loads and you can monetize with less sales effort. Think of your application being available as a service which customers can easily find, use and pay for on a recurring base. This idea is a shift from your traditional business model. But it really makes sense. Azure is an application platform that supports you in hosting and running your application as a service. In this session we explain why and show key reference cases (Belgian and international) of companies that are running on Azure.

Technical Sessions: Getting Stared on Azure and optimize your application for the Cloud.

Azure has a lot of technology in place to build cloud applications. These sessions are targeted to the software architects and developers looking for more technical details. We explain the cloud computing concepts and dive in into the different components of the Windows Azure platform from an architectural point of view. You’ll see how the technology allows you to build an application as a service fast and easy and how Azure supports the hosting, storage, database, connectivity and scalability you need. This afternoon has two sessions:

–          How to get started …, learn the basic concepts and the high level architecture of Azure.
–          A more detailed session on how to develop, migrate, deploy and monitor the applications.

Both sessions will discuss useful best practices learned from the field.

Feel free to register (see links above) or mail me at for more information.


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