Get your Windows 8 Consumer Preview

8 Mar

I bet you are all ready for the hands on experience of Windows 8. Try the Windows 8 consumer preview and see for yourself how apps are at the center of Microsofts’ newest Windows OS.

Have your free Windows 8 preview here.

As Windows 8 is all about apps, we would like to give our Dev partners a heads up start and help you building your first Metro Style Apps. Hereunder you will find the info , the tools and the live SDK to back you up in creating stellar Apps. Time to start playing!


Explore the Documentation

Our docs are optimized to make you more productive. Discover everything you need to plan, build, and sell great apps.


Read the Developer Guide

Windows 8 Consumer Preview introduces many powerful features for developers. Discover the new features for Desktop, Web, and Metro style app developers.

imageDownload the tools and SDK

Get the tools to build Metro style apps for Windows 8. Our free download includes Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Windows 8 and Blend for Visual Studio 11 Beta to help jumpstart your project.


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