SQL Server 2012 RTM–don’t disappoint your customers

8 Mar

SQL Server 2012 logoA big milestone for SQL Server: on March 6 we have announced that SQL Server 2012 has released to manufacturing (RTM)!  General availability is expected to begin on April 1, but in the meantime you can already start downloading an evaluation of the product.

This means that can expect your customers will be asking you for compatibility of your applications with SQL Server 2012.  “Why would I rush into this?”, you may be asking.  Did you know that SQL Server 2012 has already been deployed for production use by hundreds of global, industry-leading customers, such as Volvo Car Corp., Revlon, the HSN, Sanofi Pasteur, Klout and LG Chemical.

Even locally here in Belgium, we have a number of customers committing their business on SQL Server 2012.  Check our previous post for more details of individual cases.

Now what can you do today to validate your application’s compatibility with SQL Server 2012?  Our colleagues from the US ISV team have written a great blogpost that describes the entire testing and validation process – this is a must read!

In addition, there are a number of licensing updates with this new version of Windows 8.  Check out the licensing page on the product site and/or watch this webcast.

To help you get a good understanding of what SQL Server 2012 can bring for your ISV business, we’re organizing a series of free trainings:

SQL Server 2012 for ISV – New opportunities for ISVs – Overview Session

SQL Server 2012 for ISV – Technical session options:

Some additional call to actions:


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