Windows 8 for ISVs: Looking back & Moving forward

27 Mar


Friday Last Week we gave the ISVs a peek on the possibilities of our new Windows Operating System, number 8 already! The location of our Win8 for ISVs event was Sportoase Leuven. Skies were blue as if it was mid-summer so I grabbed the opportunity (and bike) with two hands and left the car where it was. Arriving at the venue 8 minutes l8er it became clear we were not alone there. The Windows 8 developer day took place in the same building and BeLux developers were well represented during the technical tracks.

At 15:00 the ISV track took off with an introduction of Giorgio Sardo, providing a vision on the future with Windows 8. Knowing what the future can look like for your company is good, getting there is another thing. Nick Trogh, Christophe Van Mollenkot and Kurt Claeys provided these insights and showed the way to go.

Find the slides of these topics on our Skydrive:

  • Metro Design – Your ticket to ride
  • Selling your apps to millions of customers
  • Devices and Services
  • How to prepare your apps for Windows 8

This event was the Kick-off of a whole series of upcoming Windows 8 events/workshops/training. Check out the Windows 8 Metro Map and find out what’s still coming. Keep an eye on our blog to get the subscription info for these upcoming events.

In the meantime, get a first hand experience and download your free customer preview and SDK.


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