WPC = Windows PC?

4 Apr

Not really. From 8 to 12 Juli 2012 WPC stands for the largest international Microsoft Partner event of the year: the Worldwide Partner Conference. Last year we joined 15.000 Microsoft enthousiasts in Los Angeles, this year we head up north and meet in the beautiful Toronto, Canada! This 5 day conference is all about you, the Microsoft Partners. As our partner website states: the aim is to spark connections, deliver insight, and build business.

This is thé opportunity to meet (formally or informally) new Partner – and Microsoft contacts. During the keynotes and the huge offer of specific break out sessions you will be provided with Microsoft roadmaps and the way to get business value out of Microsofts’ current and future solutions. The thing that makes this event so interesting is the fact that you can instantly discuss these insights with people that are all there for the same reason: growing the Microsoft business.

Last year I had the chance to join the Microsoft Belux delegation of 160 people in Los Angeles. What I experienced outreached my expectations by far. During daytime the agenda filled up with keynotes, breack-out sessions, the expo and business meetings with Partners and/or Microsofties. All of these in a no-BS and productive, yet comfortable and relaxed way. Every year, MS Belux makes sure there is a comprehensive program in order to strike the balance between business and fun. Work hard, play hard.


LA, 2011: One of the partners who joined WPC for the first time:

“I have learned more about Microsoft in these 5 days, than I did the past 5 years.”

For practical info and registrations, please visit the WPC page or contact us via email.


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