Get your own Win8 Metro App in the Windows Store

11 Jul

We get more and more questions from ISVs (we like to call them App Developers) about creating Metro apps on Windows 8 and getting these into the Windows Store. That’s great timing, as Microsoft offers quite some support at the moment to those who wish to develop a Metro App for the Store.

Maybe first lets provide an overview on how the Windows Store will help your business:

  • Global reach as every Win8 machine (PC, tablet, …) will have the store installed
  • Ease of updates. An update of your app has to be done only once, users will get the message an update is available and can choose to accept.
  • No need for upfront investment in sales channels. Up until your app reaches the revenue bar of $25k, you’ll get 70%, after reaching $25k this becomes 80% of the sales revenue.
  • Robust analytics for free (including demographics, reviews, referrals and usage & performance statistics)

It all starts with having a good idea for an App. Here’s how we can support you with the different stages after you got your idea pinpointed:

image image
image image

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