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Get your own Win8 Metro App in the Windows Store

11 Jul

We get more and more questions from ISVs (we like to call them App Developers) about creating Metro apps on Windows 8 and getting these into the Windows Store. That’s great timing, as Microsoft offers quite some support at the moment to those who wish to develop a Metro App for the Store.

Maybe first lets provide an overview on how the Windows Store will help your business:

  • Global reach as every Win8 machine (PC, tablet, …) will have the store installed
  • Ease of updates. An update of your app has to be done only once, users will get the message an update is available and can choose to accept.
  • No need for upfront investment in sales channels. Up until your app reaches the revenue bar of $25k, you’ll get 70%, after reaching $25k this becomes 80% of the sales revenue.
  • Robust analytics for free (including demographics, reviews, referrals and usage & performance statistics)

It all starts with having a good idea for an App. Here’s how we can support you with the different stages after you got your idea pinpointed:

image image
image image

Join us for the seaside Windows 8 Summer App-a-thon on July 12

15 Jun

Windows 8 Summer App-a-thon (Belgian Coast)

The word is out: on July 12 we’ll be organizing the first of our Summer App-a-thons.  And it’s going to be a special, seaside app-a-thon, at the Belgian coast in Blankenberge.  What could be more inspiring for building great Metro-style apps than the sound of waves crashing into the beach, ice cream and a beautiful sunset!

We’re building upon the success of the coding night at the Windows 8 Developer Day and have a hackathon to build cool Metro-style apps.  So team up with your best UX or developer friend and form a killer app team, come alone or sign up with an entire group, whatever you want!


This seaside Summer App-a-thon promises to be an experience like N.O. O.T.H.E.R!   Hands on. Code. Build. Shine. Totally Windows 8. 

There will be 2 coding sessions: 1 for Day Birds from 10AM – 4PM and one for Night Owls from 6PM – 12AM. You have 3 registration options:

  1. Only the Day Birds coding session
  2. Only the Night Owls coding session
  3. Both the Day Birds and the Night Owls session  


So if you’re a developer or UX designer, sign up right now to join us for an unforgettable experience!

    Sign up

    Technical pre-requisites

    – Familiarity writing either desktop apps, mobile applications or developing websites. Familiarity with either Javascript, C# or C++.
    – Bring your own laptop: any device capable of running Windows 8 and Visual Studio Express
    – Required software: 

    Windows 8 Release Preview
    Visual Studio 2012 RC
    Windows 8 SDK samples

    Sales@Night: Why do your customers need Apps on Windows 8 and Windows Phone?

    14 Jun

    21 June 2012 (17:30 till 20:00)

    @ Microsoft Zaventem

    Be the first to know and catch the opportunity of Metro-style applications in Windows 8 and Windows Phone. During this session, you’ll learn more about the platform and how to talk to your customers about the business advantages of these Metro-style apps.

    IDC expects 2 million Belgian devices running Windows 8 by end of 2013. Make sure you are ready to surf this wave along with Microsoft; it’s the single largest opportunity for apps & the nr 1 platform in 2013!

    This is not a deep-technical session, focus is sales.

    Register now


    Adifo, first BeLux SQL 2012 compatible ISV

    9 May


    Adifo Software, Gold Competent ISV Partner, is our first Belux ISV partner completing the SQL server 2012 compatibility process. Adifos’ BESTMIX® line of products has been proven compatible with Microsoft newest SQL server technology. The BESTMIX® line of products guides customers from the first idea for the development of a product until it is production ready, taking into account quality requirements, regulatory compliance and company interests.

    BESTMIX has been specifically designed to run on a SQL Server Database engine and by investing time in testing the app on SQL2012 Adifo cleared the path for lighthouse customers. Way to go!

    At the moment this article is published, also Adam Software and SmartDoc have passed the SQL 2012 compatibility test and join Adifo as SQL2012 early adopters. Who’s next??

    Microsoft PinPoint pays off.

    10 Apr


    • Do you want customers to find your company?
    • Do you want partners to find your company in order to team up for a joint project?
    • Or looking for a business-partner yourself?

    PinPoint will help you managing this free of charge, locally & globally.

    PinPoint helps business customers find technology experts, software applications, and professional services that solve specific business issues and support long term goals.

    At the same time, PinPoint helps developers and technology service providers get applications and professional services to the customers who need them.

    Long story short:

    Whether you are searching for expert help or offering it, PinPoint helps you create business opportunities that contribute to your success. Therefore it is an absolute must for every Microsoft Partner to be known on the Microsoft PinPoint website.

    Flip through this 6-slider PinPoint Presentation and get a full overview of the benefits, ranging from the possibility to add a demo or “buy now”-button to dashboards that track traffic to your account.

    Don’t know how to get listed? Check out the guidelines.


    WPC = Windows PC?

    4 Apr

    Not really. From 8 to 12 Juli 2012 WPC stands for the largest international Microsoft Partner event of the year: the Worldwide Partner Conference. Last year we joined 15.000 Microsoft enthousiasts in Los Angeles, this year we head up north and meet in the beautiful Toronto, Canada! This 5 day conference is all about you, the Microsoft Partners. As our partner website states: the aim is to spark connections, deliver insight, and build business.

    This is thé opportunity to meet (formally or informally) new Partner – and Microsoft contacts. During the keynotes and the huge offer of specific break out sessions you will be provided with Microsoft roadmaps and the way to get business value out of Microsofts’ current and future solutions. The thing that makes this event so interesting is the fact that you can instantly discuss these insights with people that are all there for the same reason: growing the Microsoft business.

    Last year I had the chance to join the Microsoft Belux delegation of 160 people in Los Angeles. What I experienced outreached my expectations by far. During daytime the agenda filled up with keynotes, breack-out sessions, the expo and business meetings with Partners and/or Microsofties. All of these in a no-BS and productive, yet comfortable and relaxed way. Every year, MS Belux makes sure there is a comprehensive program in order to strike the balance between business and fun. Work hard, play hard.


    LA, 2011: One of the partners who joined WPC for the first time:

    “I have learned more about Microsoft in these 5 days, than I did the past 5 years.”

    For practical info and registrations, please visit the WPC page or contact us via email.

    Windows 8 for ISVs: Looking back & Moving forward

    27 Mar


    Friday Last Week we gave the ISVs a peek on the possibilities of our new Windows Operating System, number 8 already! The location of our Win8 for ISVs event was Sportoase Leuven. Skies were blue as if it was mid-summer so I grabbed the opportunity (and bike) with two hands and left the car where it was. Arriving at the venue 8 minutes l8er it became clear we were not alone there. The Windows 8 developer day took place in the same building and BeLux developers were well represented during the technical tracks.

    At 15:00 the ISV track took off with an introduction of Giorgio Sardo, providing a vision on the future with Windows 8. Knowing what the future can look like for your company is good, getting there is another thing. Nick Trogh, Christophe Van Mollenkot and Kurt Claeys provided these insights and showed the way to go.

    Find the slides of these topics on our Skydrive:

    • Metro Design – Your ticket to ride
    • Selling your apps to millions of customers
    • Devices and Services
    • How to prepare your apps for Windows 8

    This event was the Kick-off of a whole series of upcoming Windows 8 events/workshops/training. Check out the Windows 8 Metro Map and find out what’s still coming. Keep an eye on our blog to get the subscription info for these upcoming events.

    In the meantime, get a first hand experience and download your free customer preview and SDK.

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